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To Fight Against Human Trafficking

Our business goal is to give sustainability and hope to those rescued from trafficking. The profits from your purchase are being invested into giving women rescued from sex trafficking in Nepal sewing jobs.

Elegantees was founded by Katie Behnke with a vision to fight human trafficking. The founder learned about trafficking as college student, and knew if there was anything she could do to fight it, she’d do just that. When Elegantees began, a commitment to fight trafficking was solidified: When the company is able to pay out a dividend, 100% of the first and all of the following dividends would be given out for the fight against trafficking.

We are growing our business through the beginnings of sewing certain styles in Nepal through a web of small shops of special women through K.I. Nepal. These women were rescued, received counseling, and now have sewing skills to prosper. Elegantees wants to provide the sustainability these women need. During this year, you will see some new styles come online that will say “Made in Nepal.” (So far, Elegantees have been sewn in New York City only.)

We’d like to build a centralized larger sewing facility in Nepal, and expand into other countries when we grow the clothing volume to support other groups such as K.I. Nepal.

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