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Brianna was watched and studied carefully for most of her 17th year.

She was an ideal candidate who looked  young for her age…and the human traffickers didn’t look at all like the stereotypical pimps she might have suspected. There were three working together, but one was cute and charming and flirty and all were regular customers she waited on at the little country restaurant.

They learned a lot in that year… about her dream to go to Seattle and get away from the restrictions of home and small town life, about her need for tuition money, about her adventuresome spirit, and about her birthday…the day she would be 18 and legal.

He lured her first with warmth and generosity, then with promises and love.  Subtly but steadily those things morphed into power and control, severing her ties with family, friends and the outside world in general.  She was being groomed for bigger things.

He put her to work in a strip club because that’s how you earn money for tuition, he said… yet he collected all the money she made.  Club customers hungrily looked her over and it soon became clear that dancing wasn’t all she was expected to do… Now afraid and panicked, she wanted to leave, but he wouldn’t let her out of his sight.

Fortunately for Brianna, her parents kept searching for her and a police officer who understood sex trafficking enlisted Linda Smith, founder of Shared Hope, to help rescue her. Brianna allows her picture and story to be used for ads such as this so YOU will be alert and aware of the dangers that lurk, trapping unsuspecting youth into the hell of sex slavery.

Would you like to be part of the rescue of girls like Brianna?  Would you like to help restore those who were not able to escape before they were turned into sex slaves?  Would you like to do something to prevent this tragedy before it happens?  Join us!  Take action and donate to our cause today!  Thank you for caring.

via Shared Hope International > Forms > 500_BriannaStory.


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