My February Challenge: A Deed a Day to Fight Modern Slavery

I, Journalista

modern day slaveryThere’s that moment in Martin Luther King’s speech that still packs the power to make you leap to your feet. “Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty we are free at last.”

In that moment, we had indeed come far, and since then, we’ve come even farther. Me, I cried at both of Barack Obama’s inaugurations, whose election is commonly touted as a testament to our progression.

And don’t laugh at my nerdiness, but when I was a little girl, Black History Month was my favorite, right behind Christmas season.

I’m not kidding, and here’s why: First of all, I love history, and this is actually the only month we have in the US devoted to the subject.Frederick Douglass,Ella Baker, andThurgood Marshallall became fast friends of mine. (Heck,my own name on Twitteris a nod to one of my favorite women in…

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